Photos by Tesa Morin

Been recording at home during the pandemic?


We can mix your project in a professional studio with trained ears, a tuned control room, quality outboard gear, top plugins, and a great selection of amplifiers, effects, and microphones for re-amping! We are also available to perform on your project, whether it’s guitar, bass, drums, or keys. If we can’t play it, we’ll find someone who can!


If you’re looking to book recording time, know that we do everything we can to keep our clients safe while in session. We are able to isolate performers by utilizing three separate rooms and distancing more than six feet in our larger rooms. We prefer to place vocalists and wind instruments in isolation where there will be minimal risk to other performers. We require masks to be worn while not performing, and we sanitize commonly-touched surfaces before and after sessions. We have regularly-scheduled cleaning days, and we currently do not book multiple clients on the same day.


We offer a variety of other production-related services, such as podcast and voice-over recording, live sound for streaming and outdoor/adequately-distanced gatherings, and video and green screen services.


Contact us now to discuss your recording, mixing, and production needs!

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