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You can make great art AND have high-quality recordings that your fans will want to buy! Our affordable rates and years of experience engineering, mixing, and producing (as well as performing and writing) make this a reality. Whether you need full production, simple recording, or creative mixing, we can help you with your project. We work with all genres and experience levels!

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Mockingbird Sound Recording Studio, Denton TX, control room: Toft ATB32 console, Focusrite, SSL XLogic Alpha VHD, API 3214, DBX 586 Tube, UA Universal Audio 4110, preamps

Photo by Angela Greco


Don't settle for cheap analog-digital conversion! We use industry-standard AD/DA converters, while also focusing on getting great sounds at the source. We have treated rooms, a stellar microphone collection, and great analog preamps and compressors. Our experienced engineers know how to run a session and dial in sounds quickly. We are ready to record your project!


Whether you recorded here, at another studio, or at home, we can bring years of mixing experience to your project. Don't rely on plug-in presets that aren't listening critically to your tracks! We have trained ears, analog outboard equipment, and a large collection of professional plug-ins. Let's give your mixes the attention they deserve.


Our engineers have played in bands for years and understand the struggles of putting a project together. If you aren't sure how to achieve your vision or even how you want your recordings to sound, we can help. We're happy to take an active role in production decisions, arrangement, part-writing, and even lining up players. We can help you refine your ideas and make an album you're proud to share.

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